Processing Cash/Cheque Donations

Occasionally, donors may prefer to pay by cash or cheque. While we don’t encourage making donations in this way, it can be done!


The donor must complete a donation form so we can provide them with a tax-deductible receipt.


Cash/cheque donors can submit an online donation form using your unique donation URL, which can be found in the project record on the ASF platform. This incurs the standard 5% retention.

  • The donor should select “EFT” as the payment method, and
  • Disregard our confirmation email with payment instructions (as they’ve already given their payment to you, the fundraiser).


DEPOSITING CASH/ CHEQUE PAYMENTS Cash/cheques will need to be deposited into the ASF bank account:

Westpac Petrie Plaza, Canberra Australian Sports Foundation Limited BSB 032776 Account No. 130159

NOTE: If your DON# is known, please include the DON# as the reference. Otherwise, use the project number.

TIP: Ask the bank teller to process the deposit while you’re there, and include “your six-digit project number” in the statement narrative (this number can be found on the Project record in the ASF platform).

When you’ve made the deposit, please upload the relevant manual donation form/s in the secure section of the platform, along with your bank deposit receipt.

We will issue the donor with a tax-deductible receipt when:

  • the donation payment hits our bank account, and
  • we have either received the signed manual donation form or an online form has been submitted.

Our Finance team will then match the form with the deposit on our bank statement and process/reconcile the donation.


  • Cheques should be made payable to the Australian Sports Foundation. If you have one that is made payable to you or your organisation, you can either ask the donor to update the Payee details or deposit it into your bank account and then transfer the funds to the ASF account (details above).
  • If transferring a donation payment to the ASF, ensure you include “your project number - donor surname” in your deposit/EFT description.