Online Add-On Donations

Collecting add-on donations via an online registration or booking process is far less administration for fundraisers. However, there may be some limitations with your platform or third-party collection process so if it’s not clear, always check with your provider.

If you are able to include a voluntary donation option with your registration/membership fees or ticket purchases, either as product/s or an opt-in at check out, work your way through the following steps to ensure donations are:

  • tax-deductible; and
  • processed/receipted as quickly as possible.


Add the following text to a donation add-on option: “By making a donation to the <> <> you are confirming that your gift is made unconditionally to the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) and you agree to the ASF’s T&Cs”.

NOTE: Donors must be able to access the ASF’s T&Cs when making a tax-deductible donation.


Collect the details of those opting to make a donation using this donor details spreadsheet template.


Transfer the total amount of donations to the ASF (bank details below):

BSB: 032776

Account No: 130159

Account Name: ASF Donations Account

Reference: Secure Upload Number number (if available), otherwise use the project number as the reference.


Upload the donor details spreadsheet via the Secure Upload function in the ASF platform.

TIP: If there will be a significant time lag between when you collect a payment from a donor and when you transfer the donations to the ASF, we suggest communicating with donors so they know when to expect their tax-deductible receipt from the ASF.

Best practice would be to mention this both at the time of requesting a donation (e.g. “Your donation will be passed onto the ASF, who will provide you with a tax-deductible receipt”) AND as you transfer the donations to the ASF for processing (e.g. “Thanks again for your donation to <>. Shortly we will be passing your donation onto the ASF for processing, so keep an eye out for your tax-deductible receipt in an email from them.”)


The ASF Finance team will bulk upload all the donor details into our platform and email the donors their tax-deductible receipt for the donated amount.


The ASF will include these donations in the next fortnightly round of grant payments.